Services Offered

We offer a wide variety of services and agreements to fit your compressor needs. We service nearly any model of compressor or dryer available today, and strive to provide a level of quality even factory certified stores can't compete with.

  • Almig (Formerly Alup)
  • Alice Crapco
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Ingersol Rand
  • Parker
  • Great Lakes
  • Boge
  • Kobelco
  • Powerex
  • Zander
  • Curtis
  • Sullair
  • Quincy
  • Mattei
  • Dominick Hunter
  • CompAir
  • Hankison
  • Werther
  • Palatek
  • Zeks

Preventative Maintenance

Air Compressors are like cars; they are more likely to brake if they aren't regularly serviced and maintained. Simple maintenance, like regular oil changes make all the difference in preventing unforseen breakdowns. To keep your compressors running in tip-top shape, we offer a wide range of preventative maintenance contracts, ranging from monthly checkups to annual machine overhauls.

Emergency Service

In the event that your air compressor does brake down at an inconvenient time, we offer 24 hour emergency service. We understand that recovering from downtime quickly means a smaller loss on your revenues.

Energy Auditing

An inefficient compressed air system can quickly become the most expensive piece of equipment in your plant. We use ELITEpro™ Recording Poly-Phase Power Meters by Dent Instruments to analyze your compressed air systems and electric motors.

After properly monitoring your compressed air system we can confidently recommend energy efficient air compressors and accessories, and qualify you for a PG&E energy rebate. On average, we are able to save our customers 30% or more in energy savings alone.

For more information on how energy efficiency can save you money, head over to our efficiency page.

Plumbing Installations

Your average compressed air system will require a good deal of infrastructure planning to get your air from your compressor to the areas of your plant or shop that you need it.

Let us help you plumb it right. If your system is set up incorrectly, you could be overproducing air, which can cost you thousands of dollars on your electricity bill each month.

We can prevent this by planning and installing a custom, efficient Air system that fits your needs and usage amounts.

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