About Air Dale Compressors Inc.

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Air Dale Compressors Inc. was established in 1992. We have been at our San Francisco location from the start of business, servicing all brands of air compressors and accessories.

We represent CompAir/LeRoi compressors as our primary line of industrial electric motor driven compressors and have been the major west coast distributor representing this company for sales, service, and rentals since 1992.

The ownership and employees of the company have a wide range of experience, and long employment history in the air compressor business, including direct employment with the manufacturers we represent.

Our Service Standards

We service a wide area of northern California, specializing in compressor system service agreements, air system energy audit services, installations, piping and electrical services, rental compressors, as well as sales of new and reconditioned compressors and accessories. Our goal is to keep our customer's equipment in properly maintained condition to insure the maximum amount of running time at the lowest energy and maintenance costs from one scheduled service to the next. Our ownership and employees continuously add to their knowledge of our products, and the effect of the ever increasing cost of energy required to produce, distribute and apply compressed air.


Improvements in compressor lubricants and designs have produced extended compressor element warranties of up to 10 years. Another very important responsibility of our business relationship with you and our suppliers is to assure proper installations, factory prescribed maintainence, oil sampling, documentation and follow up of these services in order to keep these valuable protective warranties active.


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Once we have established your purchasing needs we will do everything in our power to make the purchase, delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment simple and on time. Several purchase options available include rental credit towards purchase, trade allowance, and leasing.

There is an old saying: It takes money to make money. Air Dale Compressors Inc. can demonstrate how true that saying is when it comes to making money with your air compressor investment.

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